atari gamedev

I tried making a homebrew atari 2600 game because i remembered batari basic was a thing.

I heard it was an easy way to make atari 2600 games, easy for the system i guess not easy compared to newer things.

I like how the graphics look but I hate how much effort it takes to get a really simple game going. Lots of hardware specific trivia needed.

Jump to higher platforms and avoid the enemies.
Enemies just fly around in a constant direction and speed, wrapping when out of bounds. The screenshots are more interesting than the game really.
It scrolls upwards endlessly. Never implemented score. Platforms just wrap around rather than being randomly placed. Biggest thing missing would be that it doesn't check if you're standing on ground when you jump so you can jump endlessly.
Old version where you jumped on tiles (atari playfield) instead of sprites. Never implemented scrolling so you couldn't progress.
Instead of jumping this one you constantly moved to the right used up/down to dodge the obstacles. Like flappy bird or that helicopter flash game. Didn't implement scrolling either.

I don't want to work on those homebrews anymore.

Time is going fast yet it's still boring so maybe I'll go back to programming pc games.

I'll be tired either way so I figure I should do something so at least I'm not so bored.

Maybe I'll make an atari style graphics editor for really quick and easy graphics.

Before I got burned out and disappointed with how little progress I was making I was working on this.