trees vs carpet

I saw some trees that reminded me of a strip of carpet - the top was even and flat, and you could see all the bristles of the trees up top looking like carpet strands.
Leaves brushing against the wind like your feet against the carpet.
I thought this was a good comparison to think about, and a way to explain things.

you rub your feet on the carpet to collect charge
    moving quickly stops the charge from dissipating into carpet, it instead clings to you as it cannot return to original spot (i think)
are trees detecting that there's this big energy cluster and then deciding to wave around to collect it?
    by moving its branches it can capture the energy
    the energy sticks to the tree because of its properties
    and then the tree has to move so the energy stays stuck to it instead of dissipating back into the air
the trees are expending energy to move to collect more energy
    you need energy to collect energy i guess
also the trees are storing and using the energy, it gets diverted to other parts of the plant
    the energy goes in from the outside and is sucked inward so that the tree can collect more energy
    the energy doesn't hang around the surface - if the surface already had a charge it couldn't collect a charge so well
also think about how the venus fly trap plant can move by itself to trap its prey
    you can easily see that this plant can move itself
    so would it be so surprising that lots of plants can move themselves too?
    venus fly trap is just an extreme example of plant movement so it's very noticeable
    it's not a unique ability, it's probably shared amongst most if not all plants.
    i don't know if stiff straight weeds have this ability, there's nothing really to shake, they don't have branches to flex.
the wind does the plants' and trees' work for it
    instead of having to manually move about to collect the charge
    the charge sticks to the plant as it's shaken about by the wind
    the plant doesn't need to exert energy to collect energy
trees moving on their own
plant moving from sound (Codariocalyx motorius / dancing plant / telegraph plant)
plant moving by itself - one leaf/branch moving when wind is still and other branches are still
nothing new under the sun, trees are power plants
    trees get struck by lightning not so much peaks of mountains
power lines moving when they're turned on
antennas moving around to get a good signal - do plants adjust to get a better signal to absorb too?
old world buildings are spiky to collect the static as the wind pushes against them
leaves flutter about much more than branches shake
    collecting more energy
plants grow towards food sources, they don't grow or offshoot where there's no food
    so crown shyness develops - the plants keep eachothers personal space, areas where plants are absorbing energy won't have energy for other plants to eat so they don't go there.
palm tree - comb like tree leaves
    tall straight tree branching out at top
    the leaves remind me of a comb with bristles going back and forth waving and jiggling
    also remind me of old computer chip socket pins connector
        comb like plant leaves
        comb like tree leaves
pine tree - straight tree with long horizontal branches on both sides
    remind me of power lines
tree struck lightning - tree electrical field